Minnesota fan writes love song to Tim Tebow

Thu, Jan 12

Kaycee Robertson has found her dream date in Tim Tebow -- all she needs is for him to ask. Instead of just sitting around and waiting for Tebow's call or tweet, she took a big step Wednesday by posting "Ask me on a date, Tim Tebow," on You Tube. A self-styled "youth pastor in hipster clothes," Robertson is a Lutheran student ministry director who lives in Minneapolis.

Robertson wrote the lyrics and music to the song featured on the 2 minute, 44 second video, in which she sings "I glanced, and saw that you don't have a wedding ring" and later adds "Marry Me, Tim Tebow" -- in Pig Latin. If Tebow does connect with her on Twitter (@kayceerobertson), he doesn't have to worry about a long-term commitment. "I'm not ready to get married at this point. But I would definitely say 'yes' to date and see where it goes from there."

She sees Tebow as a good match, in large part, because of their shared Christian faith. "I do want to go out with him because of his faith and his love for God. I work in ministry and, I, too, love Jesus. He shows his faith more than other athletes … and shows his faith beyond football," she said. "And he's easy on the eyes."

Roberston, 24, lives with eight female roommates, two of whom (Jennifer Lind and Jill Miller) sing chorus. Robertson said she's not a football fan and only watches sports "when I know someone who is playing … I watch Tebow play because he's a good person." And she will still go out with Tebow even if he and the Broncos lose to the Patriots Saturday.

As for her ideal date: "My favorite thing would be to just go out to dinner. There's a comedy sports improv club in town, so a night of comedy would be fun, too."

The next move is yours, Tim.