NBA Power Rankings: Golden State is safe at the top ... for now

Updated: March 7, 2016, 5:05 PM ET
By Marc Stein |
Monday, March 7

April Fools' Day came about 25 days early in the NBA, when the Los Angeles Lakers sprung an upset so big Sunday afternoon that anyone who wasn't watching it live surely presumed they were being hoaxed when they heard the score.

The Golden State Warriors, however, have survived the trauma of their stunning 112-95 defeat to the first Lakers team of all time sporting a winning percentage that at the time was below the Mendoza line by retaining the top spot in's weekly NBA Power Rankings.

Let's face it: One loss -- even if it should have counted for two or three -- can't knock Golden State off its perch when the 55-6 Dubs are still ahead of Chicago's 1995-96 pace of 54-7 at the same juncture.

Even better news for Golden State: San Antonio has the league's toughest remaining schedule, so the Spurs' mere 2½-game deficit in the race for the West's top seed probably isn't as enticing as it looks. The Spurs did just become merely the third team in history to win their first 30 home games of the season, but 16 of San Antonio's 20 remaining games will come against teams over. .500 ... with a whopping three each against Golden State and Oklahoma City.

So I'd hold off on writing off the Warriors after one (really, really) bad day.

You can comment below on the latest 1-to-30 order assembled by the Committee of One, which offers its profuse thanks to our pals from within the NBA wing of ESPN Stats & Information, as well as the Elias Sports Bureau, for the priceless data assistance they provide week after week to help us with all of our calculations.

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