Yearbook, Aug. 25: The earring ejection

Dan Levine/Getty Images

Aug. 25, 2001: On this day 11 years ago, jewelry caused a brawl. Kind of.

It was late in a game between the Cleveland and Seattle, and the Indians' Omar Vizquel was hitting against the Mariners' Arthur Rhodes. Then Vizquel called timeout, claiming sunlight was reflecting off the reliever's diamond earrings and distracting the batter. Umpire Tim McClelland told Rhodes to remove them. Rhodes said no. Benches cleared -- although little came of that -- and one ejection ensued: Rhodes.

Said Cleveland bench coach Grady Little at the time: “It may be the first and last time you see that. ... But he wears those big earrings, and with the sun where it was, there was a lot of glare coming from those and it was one of those things where most of the time no one says anything about it. But today it was bothering Omar, so he said something about it.”