Top 50 MLB draft prospects: High school lefty in top spot

This year's draft class remains thin at the top, lacking the high-end talent we've seen just about every year since the 2000 class, which looked very weak on draft day but did, in fact, produce three frequent All-Stars in Adrian Gonzalez (taken first overall), Chase Utley (15th) and Adam Wainwright (29th).

The high school pitching crop has perked up since we last looked at this group, with several arms in cold-weather areas surging, while the group of top-end college starters is falling apart with injuries and poor performances. The class has always been light on middle infielders, which isn't getting any better, and it feels like a year when some teams will overdraft catching even though there isn't much out there. On the plus side, there are a number of college outfielders having strong statistical seasons so far, and I wouldn't be surprised to see three of them go among the top 10-12 picks if that continues.

Let's get to the draft rankings. Note that if we have a scouting profile of the player, clicking on his name will send you to it. Profiles were written by Eric Longenhagen.

1. Jason Groome, LHP, Barnegat (New Jersey) High School
Groome is No. 1 by default right now -- he's the best pitcher in a class weakened by injuries and non-performances -- while his season is just ramping up in the cold weather of the Northeast. I liked what I saw at his April 5 outing.

2. Delvin Perez, SS, International Baseball Academy (Ceiba, Puerto Rico)
Perez has the best tools of any position player in the class, and he won't turn 18 until November, but he isn't as advanced a hitter as the obvious point of comparison, Carlos Correa, was at the same age, and Perez has been dinged multiple times for his immaturity on the field.