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The Max Kellerman Show Hour 1: A Disaster in Big D

Max holds a fake press conference congratulating himself on his Draft Kings win Max on the biggest problem the Dallas Cowboys currently have Why start Tua right now if you're the Dolphins? Fitzpatrick is doing fine Max explains why Clayton Kershaw isn't among the All-Time greats Axe Max

Todd Archer ESPN Staff Writer 

Randy Gregory has been removed from the Commissioner's Exempt list and is eligible to play Sunday at Washington now that he is on the 53-man roster. The Cowboys waived defensive back Saivion Smith and wide receiver Ventell Bryant, who had been on injured reserve. Gregory last played in a game in the 2018 playoffs against the Los Angeles Rams because of a suspension.

Courtside: Baylor head coach Scott Drew on his experienced roster and a tough early season schedule

Greenberg and Dakich tip off the podcast talking about the differences between football and basketball coaches handling the pandemic, and seniors getting an extra year of eligibility. Then Baylor head coach Scott Drew joins the show to discuss the Bears’ tough early season schedule, the team’s excitement getting back in the gym, his experienced roster and Matt Mayer never seeing a shot he didn’t like (14:42).

The Right Time: Misery of the Cowboys, Derrick Henry a Hall of Famer, 'Eyes of Texas'

Bomani shares his thoughts on the misery that is the Dallas Cowboys as currently constructed (0:56). Why do they still matter so much? Why are they “America’s team”? He also discusses why Derrick Henry of the Titans may be the last in a long line of Hall of Fame running backs (23:07) and sheds light on the situation around “The Eyes of Texas” for the Longhorns’ football team (33:37). Plus, an IYHH with returning museum artifacts to their country of origin (49:21) and your voicemails from being let down by your home squad (1:03:55). IYHH Stories @SuyinSays on the four activists that have been fined for trying to remove an artifact from a French museum: https://bit.ly/3obYPxS @BrandiVincent_ on the national defense outfitting and steering military dogs with augmented reality goggles: https://bit.ly/2HqDEY4 @sarafischer on the industries that won’t recover from the pandemic economically without a vaccine: https://bit.ly/35iphNr

Seth Walder ESPN Analytics 

There is a 28% chance that the winner of the NFC East will have just six or fewer wins, according to FPI. In 13 of FPI's 20,000 simulations this morning, a team won the division with just *four* wins (11 of those were the Eagles, with one apiece of the Giants and Washington). In one simulation the Chiefs won 15 games and the entire NFC East won 14 games combined.

KJZ Hour 4: World Series starts tonight!

Keyshawn tells us why, even though he didn't put up crazy numbers, Patrick Mahomes was great vs. the Bills last night. Former Falcons WR Roddy White joins and talks about the mess the Falcons have become since blowing the 28-3 lead to the Patriots in the Super Bowl. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred joins and talks about how the league got through the 2020 season during a pandemic.

Stephen A. trolls Cowboys, Spears with sunglasses (2:28)

Todd Archer ESPN Staff Writer 

Jerry Jones doesn't care much about the 2-4 Cowboys being in first place in the division. “Certainly the NFC East is having its challenges now,” he said on 105.3 The Fan. “… When you're not playing better than we are, it's hard for me to basically look at the end game, which is win the East, and get excited that we're better. (That's) ‘We may be slow, but we're ahead of you,' syndrome. We've got to get better to have the kind of season that makes sense for us.”

Todd Archer ESPN Staff Writer 

Jerry Jones still believes in the roster and coach Mike McCarthy and defensive coordinator Mike Nolan. “What I do feel good about with the entire group is our ability,” he said on 105.3 The Fan. “We do have the ability and we have the talent to make adjustments with the personnel we have. We just haven't done it. We will not have success until we take our personnel we got today and put it out there not giving ourselves a big hole to dig out of.”

Saturday: Cowboys' offensive line 'like a subway turnstile' (1:29)

KJZ Hour 1: The Cowboys Stink

There's no other way to put it...the Cowboys stink. Plus, Josh Allen is what we thought he was...not an MVP candidate, that's for sure. Sal Paolantonio joins the show to talk about where the blame lies for the Eagles' terrible start to the 2020 season.