DALLAS teams

Dorian Finney-Smith throws down the hammer for the Mavs (0:22)

Hour 2: Sup South Beach?

Chris Canty and Chris Carlin in for (Greeny) discuss the Heat no show performance in Game 4, Michah Parsons has a bad NBA take, ESPN Front Office Insider Mike Tannenbaum joins us to discuss if skipping OTAs is a big deal or not?

Hour 1: An Addiction

Alan and Bart react to the Celtics' 102-82 Game 4 win and preview Game 4 between the Warriors and Mavs. They also continue to discuss the Tim Anderson/Josh Donaldson situation and take calls. Alan thinks the NBA has a 3-point addiction.

Solo Spain Power Hour

Spain asks whether Dallas can get back into the Western Conference Finals and lays out the keys to Game 4 between the Celtics and Heat. Quickies covers Justin Thomas throwing shade at Jimbo Fisher, a big weekend in the WNBA, MLB punishing Josh Donaldson and rave reviews for Top Gun: Maverick inspires a list of great long-awaited sequels. NBC Sports Bay Area's Kerith Burke joins to talk Golden State's attempt to sweep the Mavs and Nick Friedell previews Game 4 of MIA-BOS.

Canty & Carlin 'Greeny' Takeover: No Apology Tour

Chris Carlin and Chris Canty, in for Greeny, react to the Warriors going up 3-0 over the Mavericks. Brian Windhorst, ESPN NBA Insider joins the show to talk NBA Playoffs. Chris and Chris then take calls from angry Heat fans. Chris and Chris discuss the spat between Tim Anderson and Josh Donaldson.

Hour 3: Anderson & Donaldson

The guys continue to discuss Josh Donaldson calling Tim Anderson "Jackie." Former Dallas Maverick Guard Derek Harper joins the discuss the Mavericks being down 3-0, and what Luka needs to improve on. Plus, What is the better duo for Kyrie: Kyrie and KD or Kyrie and LeBron?

Hour 2: Dallas Debacle

What do the Mavs need to do to get over the top and contend? Brian Windhorst joins to talk about who should be the next coach of the Lakers, and the Heat/Celtics series. Plus, the guys discuss Josh Donaldson calling Tim Anderson "Jackie."