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Will new arena help Clippers build their own identity? (1:00)

HR 1: One Minute Season Review

Travis opened the show literally giving the Dodgers season in review in less than a minute. Plus, do you have faith the Dodgers will win the NL West know they are just one game back from the SF Giants? And, another USC Head Coaching candidate "turns down" the job, and the fellas don't believe him. Plus, a little bit of Roleplay with Travis playing the role of a potential USC coaching candidate and Sliwa playing a role of a reporter at a press conference. Also, the Friday edition of "Ask Sli!"

HR 2: Not Worried, But Intrigued

The Clippers broke ground on their new arena in Inglewood this morning, so the guys reacted. Travis and Sli are not threated as Lakers fans but are generally "intrigued" by the new Clippers' home. The guys took calls on the topic, especially lots of Lakers fans. Also, "Fact Or Cap" with the question: Are Baseball movies the best sports movies?

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Ballmer: Clips forging 'own identity' with arena

The new home of the LA Clippers, which is slated to open in Inglewood for the 2024-25 season, will provide "our own presence, identity," owner Steve Ballmer said. "We needed to say, 'We're our own guys. We don't play in the same place as the other guys.'"

HR 3: Changing It Up

Since one of the two best teams in Major League Baseball will be in a Wild Card Play-In Game, is it time to finally change the MLB Playoff Format? The guys discussed. Plus, the still nameless "Travis vs Sliwa vs Caller Picks Segment!" And, how will the Dodgers use Gavin Lux, as they head to the playoffs. Also, more talk on AD maybe or maybe not being a Top 5 NBA player and "The Dump" with NASCAR at the Coliseum!

HR 2: No Guac, Please!

Do you like Guacamole? The crew discussed on National Guacamole Day. And, Bob Stoops and Oregon's Mario Cristobal have been mentioned as possible candidates for the USC job, so the guys reacted to the reports. Also, what is proper movie theater etiquette? Plus, "Fact Or Cap" with a discussion on "Spam Calls," Beach Vacations, and Reality Shows. Then, another name popped up for the USC job and talk on Dennis Schroder's IG posts.