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Nick Wright: 'The one thing that LeBron supporters have the ability to do that MJ supporters could learn from is acknowledging failures'

Bomani Jones welcomes his friend, FS1's Nick Wright to the show for the first time for a wide-ranging conversation. The guys discuss how much of the modern NBA post-1990 needs to be re-litigated when it comes to ranking the greatest players and competitive balance (1:03). Nick defends his LeBron James as "the greatest ever" take (22:21) and Bomani complains about group projects again (34:15). Plus, what is the tipping point for sports news coverage on social activism in light of the George Floyd tragedy (44:19).

Max is picking Kawhi over LeBron ... and it has everyone heated (2:58)
Austin Rivers explains why he doesn't enjoy LeBron's greatness (0:35)
Beverley sounds off on NBA's communication with players (1:18)

Alden Gonzalez ESPN Staff Writer 

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that Dodger Stadium is now a COVID-19 testing site that might be the largest in the country and is definitely the largest in the state, with the capacity to test 6,000 people a day. Garcetti also offered a parting shot to the Astros: "We play fair here, and we're gonna get that championship sometime soon."