Practice report: Double session

WALTHAM, Mass. -- A collection of news and notes after the Boston Celtics practiced Monday afternoon at the Sports Authority Training Center at HealthPoint in advance of Tuesday's Game 5 of an Eastern Conference quarterfinal series with the Miami Heat.

The rundown (a quick look at practice headlines)

* Celtics endure two-hour session after Game 4 loss

* Allen sinks 145 free throws after Game 4 misses

* Loose balls: Pierce on defense; C's want to limit 3-pointers

Celtics endure two-hour session after Game 4 loss

The Celtics' workouts the day after postseason games have typically been short and limited to film review. On the heels of a mistake-laden Game 4 defeat in Miami, the Celtics spent two hours at work Monday afternoon, watching film the first hour and going hard on the court in the second.

"Film should have been 20 minutes, but it turned into an hour," said Celtics coach Doc Rivers. "There was a lot of stopping and starting, then explaining and re-explaining. That happens when you win sometimes, too. But I thought we needed to watch the film."

While Dwyane Wade's 46-point outburst was certainly a primary topic of discussion during that film review, the Celtics also examined how they shot themselves in the foot by committing 16 turnovers (which Miami turned into 28 points) and missing 11 free throws (including five in a row late in the game). Boston played well over the 40 minutes in the middle of the game, but sloppiness and mental lapses proved to be the game's bookends for Boston, preventing the team from making Wade's effort a mere sidebar to what would have been only the fifth best-of-seven sweep in franchise history.

Celtics guard Ray Allen said pouring over the film helped cleanse the mind.

"I think when you're watching film, and you're pointing out some of the same themes that you're doing wrong at both ends of the floor, you don't mind watching," said Allen. "As a team, we're so keyed in to trying to figure out what we need to do to be better.

"When we watch film, the film doesn't lie -- the position we're in, getting better position, making the extra pass on offense, seeing what they're doing against us. It's the best piece of education we own. We walk out of film session feeling so relieved. We understand why certain things happened. We get to that problem and keep certain things from happening again."

Allen sinks 145 free throws after Game 4 misses

Allen said he got up 150 free-throw attempts on Monday after enduring only the 14th game in his career -- regular-season and postseason combined -- where he missed three free throws or more. Not only that, but he missed three in a row in Game 4.

After Allen missed his final three attempts, Kevin Garnett clanked two more, preventing Boston from charging closer than four points in the final minutes. Allen has only missed three free throws or more in 12 of 1,022 regular-season games. He hadn't missed three freebies in a row since Feb. 10, 2007 and hadn't missed three consecutive from the charity stripe since a playoff game between the Spurs and Sonics on May 17, 2005.

"I hadn't shot that many in a while," said Allen, who reported he kept count of the 150 attempts and missed only five. "The thing about it is, I had such a bad rhythm [in Miami], I just trying to figure out where it came from."

Loose balls: Pierce on defense; C's want to limit 3-pointers

* Celtics captain Paul Pierce said part of the problem in Sunday's Game 4 loss was that the Celtics allowed Wade's supporting cast to contribute far more than they had in the first three games of the series. Pierce called himself the chief offender after Quentin Richardson hit a quartet of 3-pointers as part of a 20-point effort.

"We can't let the other guys have big games," said Pierce. "We can't let [Quentin] Richardson go out here and have a big game, 20 points in the playoffs. Other guys like [Carlos] Arroyo and [Michael] Beasley can't have big games. Wade's going to have the ball most of the time, we gotta expect him to have big games because of that. But it's the other guys. And I'm a big part of that as the guy guarding Q Richardson."

Pierce reiterated his stance that he doesn't plan to make another trek to South Beach later this week.

"We don't want to go back to Miami," said Pierce. "The next time I go to Miami, I hope I'm on vacation. Right now we're just trying to take care of this game."

* Given that both Wade and Richardson slayed Boston from the outside on Sunday, Rivers noted the team had to get better at perimeter defense.

"We have to get out to the shooters," said Rivers. "They beat us with the extra passes then the attack dribble. They beat us with the extra passes and 3-pointers. We have to do a better job on weakside defense."