Quick hits from Jeff Green

Chris Forsberg/ESPN Boston

Jeff Green working with students at the Holland Elementary School.DORCHESTER -- Some quick hits after Jeff Green spoke with reporters after members of the Celtics, Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare Foundation, and City Year volunteers helped transform the Holland Elementary School on Friday afternoon:

On toughest part of coming back from surgery: "Getting in a groove, getting in a rhythm -- but it’ll come. We still have two months until the beginning of the regular season. That stuff will come. I’ve really been able to do everything -- contact, my movements, my shot is there, my lift is there. Everything is coming along."

On pressure of a big contract after surgery: "[The media puts] the pressure on me. There’s no pressure on myself. What I went through, it’s a blessing in disguise, it allowed me to sit back, see things from a different point of view. Now I have to go out there and play basketball."

What changes will he make in his game: "Just probably being more assertive, more aggressive in certain situations. That’s about it. My game pretty much speaks for itself -- a guy who can play multiple positions… attack in different situations. My game is what it is; I just have to improve on different things. Just show it out there on the court."

One specific area of focus: "Rebounding. Being aggressive towards the ball. It’s a hard thing, but you just have to go out there and want to do it. That’s about it."

On running with Rajon Rondo: "You got Rondo running the point, who doesn’t want to play with Rondo? The guy can pass the ball very very well, to the best of them in this league. Who doesn’t want to run up and down the court?"

On informal workouts in Waltham before camp: "I’ve been playing alongside Dionte [Christmas], Kris [Joseph], Rondo, Fab [Melo], Chris Wilcox has been here, [Jason Terry]. I’ve had an opportunity to play with those guys, and play against them. We're just learning each other now. By time the season starts, hopefully we’ll have that chemistry down pat."