Wednesday Wangdoodles

Today's links were discovered in Seattle, where the good citizens are wondering if the Mariners will ever lose again (seriously: people here are talking about 2001 and they're not kidding) ...
• ShysterBall wonders if Chief Wahoo is on his way out. I don't know about that, but I do believe that when Wahoo goes, he goes with a whimper rather than a scream. I also believe that the men who run the franchise know the right thing, but are a little too worried about the short-term public reaction to actually do it, quick-like.

• Well, I won't have DeWayne Wise to kick around anymore, at least not for a while. One editorial note, though: It's probably real smart to refer to DeWayne Wise as a "young man," as the 31-year-old Wise is young only when compared to old baseball writers.

• Is Daniel Cabrera trying to be a different sort of pitcher? As Dave Cameron points out, his fastballs this year sure are different from last year's.

• I don't know about you, but I'd hate to see Tom Glavine go out like this. He hasn't won a game since last May 20, and though he did pitch well in that game, it was followed by five starts without a decision, the last of which was disaster.

• Michael Salfino takes issue Joe Girardi's recent bullpen maneuverings, and I can't defend Girardi, except by saying that it's early and maybe Girardi's still taking the measure of his relief corps. He'd better hurry up, though; I doubt if the Yankees or any other team in that division have much room for error.

• Do you ever wonder which hitters hit the most opposite-field home runs? If not, please move along and by all means don't read this.

• On the DL's Dan Levy writes about Harry Kalas; Jimmy Shapiro's got some great stuff here.

• Matt Sisson susses out Nick Swisher's scoreless inning.