Monday Mendozas

Today's links aren't quite ready to pretend to be cleverly amusing, or amusingly clever ...

  • While wishing the best for Gabrielle Giffords, we mourn the loss of six others, including Dallas Green's nine-year-old granddaughter, Christina Green. Michael Muskal writes about Christina's mom's grief, and Michael Lupica writes about Dallas Green's grief.

  • I appreciate the kind words, but the notion that 20 plate appearances means something couldn't possibly be more wrong-headed. Generally speaking.

  • Dirk Hayhurst says goodbye to the Blue Jays.

  • BtB's Dave Gershman wonders if Brian McCann is the most underrated catcher in history. Well, the answer is that it's impossible to know, because he's just begun his assault on history. Yes, what he's done so far compares quite well with various Hall of Fame catchers. And yes, it doesn't seem that anyone really understands this. But let's wonder again in 10 years. Right now, the answer is Ted Simmons. And McCann's got a long ways to go to catch Simmons.

  • There was a really sweet graph in that one, but this one's even more sweet

  • .

  • This is the best thing about backup catchers that you've ever read, to the point where I'm not sure there's any point in anyone ever writing about backup catchers again.

  • And while we're on the subject of graphs, I suppose this is inside baseball (metaphorically), but if you've got a blog and you're thinking about graphs, here's a lovely primer.

  • Here's yet another writer who's obviously unwilling to grapple with the really tough chore of making a meaningful distinction between amphetamines and steroids.

  • It's distressing to know that Tony Gwynn has cancer, and actually needed a walker to get around. It's encouraging to know that his treatments are going well, that he's lost a lot of weight, and is aiming to get back into the broadcast booth this year. Purely out of selfishness, I'm pulling for him because I think he's sort of a natural broadcaster and there aren't enough of those working.