Lil Wayne Blog: "I'd watch hockey over an awards show."

Is that Lakers purple? Getty Images

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Thank you to everyone who congratulated me on my son and said they were praying for us. Dwayne Michael Carter the third was born a healthy seven pounds and twelve ounces and with a full head of hair.

I want to shout out to everybody who came through on the two-way to congratulate me. LeBron sent me a message, Michael Smith texted me and Chris Paul sent me a Hornets baby jersey, which was amazing. A lot of other guys hit me up and I just wanted to shout out to all of you right now and say it was much appreciated.

A lot of people on the blog were asking how much sports I watch each week, so this is pretty much what my typical week looks like:

•Monday - Definitely Monday Night Football. I'll have the game on and then another TV with the ticker so I can see what's going on with other sports, but this is a no-brainer.

•Tuesday - I'm saved by the NBA. I try to check out Chris Paul and the Hornets as often as I can, then I like to start watching other games once they get to the fourth quarter. That's the best way to do it if you've got the package and you want to watch a bunch of games in one night. I watch Kobe a lot, too.

•Wednesday - Saved again by the NBA.

•Thursday - You've got the upset specials in college football. You've got to watch those games because they usually end up determining the outcome of who makes the BCS and who doesn't. It seems like great teams are always losing on Thursday night. Maybe 'cause it's a different vibe or something and they're just off. If there isn't a college football game or an NBA game, right now I'd watch hockey. I'd watch hockey over an awards show.

•Friday - spent prepping for a beautiful Saturday.

•Saturday - I used to kind of plan around the LSU game but not no more 'cause they're not really good. I've been focusing on Florida now. I have a lot of TVs so I can have a bunch of games on at once, plus the ticker so I'm not missing it if something crazy happens.

•Sunday - Everybody knows what I do.

I have TVs on my bus, plane and in every hotel. When I'm overseas and they don't have ESPN on TV I'm not happy. But I do watch ESPN360 on my computer and listen to the radio to stay current.

My bus has nine or 10 TVs that always have sports on. I spend a lot of time traveling, so it's major. People are wondering why I watch so much sports. Well, it's a total release for me—that's the exact definition of it. I don't have to think or worry about other stuff and I can just chill out. That's why I do this blog, too. I usually watch sports alone—I like it better that way. Sometimes friends will come over on the weekends to watch the football games but during the week it's pretty much just me watching by myself.

Gotta give a shoutout to the Fighting Phillies before we move on. Cole Hamels, you the man. You shut them batters down. I don't know what happened to the Rays starting pitchers. It seemed like in every inning they couldn't get past the first two hitters. Evan Longoria missed that series. Don't know what happened to him. Shout out to the Rays again, too, for taking care of me. You waited too long to put in David Price, but it's all good.

The Rays handled losing really well. I don't think I would have handled it so good. The weather made for a bad situation. I have no idea what I would have done as the commissioner in that situation because I'm just a fan. Some people are saying they should have the World Series in a neutral site like the Super Bowl so they always get warm weather. I'm not with that. I love it the way it is already, plus it's not like the World Series is just one game. It's tough though, 'cause that weather didn't seem fair to anybody.


I watched the Celtics get their rings last week and that was a very emotional night. Paul Pierce deserved it most, so it was great to see him get it. But will the Celtics repeat? No.

The champions this year will come from the West so consider me your Western Conference correspondent.

The Lakers look wonderful. I think they won their first three games by 65 points combined. It's tough to predict how many wins they're gonna get this season. If they keep going like this and they reach 60 then I think they'll pass the Celtics 66 wins last year, which would be nothing short of amazing.

You gotta watch out for Trevor Ariza, man, he's the secret weapon. He's the David Price of the Lakers. That kid can flat-out play. I knew when the Lakers got him in that trade that he was gonna be great for them eventually. I've been keeping track of him. He's excellent on NBA2K9, too.

The Hornets have been great, too. Shout out to D-West for being amazing. He's gonna have the same year he did last year, maybe even better, so shout out to him.

The Knicks have been something else, man. You got Marbury and Eddy Curry not even part of the system? Damn. I hit Eddy up on the two-way last night asking what's up and he hasn't responded yet so we'll see. I told you all how I feel about Chris Duhon in the last blog, and he's playing for a great coach so it could be a really good thing. But man, they gotta figure out what they gonna do with Marbury and Curry.

Rashad McCants has looked awesome so far. Of all the rookies, I like what Beasley's doing, it seems like he's taking on the league. But Derrick Rose has been even more aggressive. He's approaching his first season wonderfully.

Greg Oden is a bust. He's gotta show me something, man. I don't get it. At what point in time was he dominant? I've never seen it. You've never seen it. Maybe NBA officials know something we don't. That's all I can figure. Maybe somebody on that staff has seen something we haven't. But until he shows me something, I'm gonna declare him a bust. Damn shame, too.


Shout out to the Titans, man. They are something special this year. I met Chris Johnson and told him he was on my fantasy team. I also met LenDale White, so shout out to him. They saw that I had written about them on the last blog and they said they appreciated it. Keep doing what you do.

I didn't address the Saints in London on the last blog, and let me just say that was a wonderful game to watch. I know it was tough for them to pull off and the field was rough, but I think it was still a very good thing. I've got friends in London who were at the game who had never been to a football game before. They were texting me the whole game, loving it. I think any time you can introduce the sport to a new group of people it's a great thing.

T.O. still looks like he's about to cry. It's getting ugly in Dallas, man. They're in last place now in their division? This is a disaster.

I'm looking for San Diego to come back tough next week. It seems like L.T. is getting used to playing with that toe, and maybe the bye week gave him some extra time to rest it. He seems to be turning a corner, so maybe the Chargers will return to dominating.

It seems like there have been harder hits than usual in the NFL this year. I don't know how that's possible, but people are getting hurt bad. It's a brutal, brutal game and the new expectancy for your career is three years. Quarterback concussions are adding up and star players are limping all over the place. I think a lot of guys out there are trying to send the message. Maybe it's veteran guys sending the message to young guys. It's rough, man. I would not want to get hit by Ray Lewis or Troy Polamalu. Those would be the two guys I would definitely want to avoid. Hines Ward is a pretty excellent blocker downfield, too. I wouldn't wanna run into that.


Well, the polls are in and my team is No. 1. UNC is the unanimous top-team with 31 first place votes and I could not be more excited. I gotta go catch 'em this year, but I don't want to be a distraction. I guess I could try to just go and blend in with the crowd. We'll see.


Shout out to Kerry Hilson. I just shot the video with her for her song "Turning Me On" which I'm featured on, so shout out to her.