Uni Watch: How MLB is changing things for spring training

Sometimes MLB rolls out new caps for spring training. Sometimes it rolls out new jerseys for spring training.

This year it's doing both.

The new spring training gear, announced Thursday, adds a bunch of new wrinkles to Grapefruit League and Cactus League apparel. Here are the highlights:

  • All spring training caps will now have a side patch shaped like an Interstate highway route marker, reinforcing the notion of spring training as a winter travel destination. The patch for teams training in Florida will carry an "FL" designation; teams training in Arizona will have "AZ."

  • For some teams, the addition of the side patch is the only change being made. But several other teams have completely reworked their spring training headwear. You can see all of the designs in this slideshow. Here's a closer look at some of the more notable ones, along with some instant-reaction assessments:

  • By the way, does the new Dodgers logo look familiar? You might have a flashback to the Chunichi Dragons from the 1992 movie "Mr. Baseball" -- or to last season's Oklahoma City farm team:

  • The "FL" and "AZ" cap logos will also appear on the spring training jerseys as right-sleeve patches.

  • The basic template of the jerseys has also changed. The colored piping on the collar and the contrasting underarm panels are gone -- addition by subtraction in both cases:

  • The spring training jerseys also have a new feature -- or, really, a gimmick: All of the letters and numbers will now feature a potpourri of sublimated logos. Look closely and you can see the MLB logo, assorted spring training-related logos and more. This will likely be invisible on the field and on TV and is almost certainly being added only as an enticement for fans considering a retail jersey purchase:

  • Just as with the caps, some teams have stuck with their basic spring training jersey designs and others have gone back to the drawing board. You can see all 30 teams' designs here. Let's take a closer look at some of the new entries:

  • MLB's uniform outfitter, Majestic, has rendered all of its jerseys in a new "Flex Base" fabric and tailoring system, which we will hear more about in the days and weeks to come. Expect to hear a lot of the same things that Nike and Adidas say when they unveil new football uniforms: The fabric is lighter, the seams and stretch panels allow for better performance and so on. Does it really make a difference, especially in a sport where the players spend most of the time standing still or slightly crouched? We'll see.

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