Struggling third baseman insists baseball is his future

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Drew Henson remains steadfast in his desire to continue pursuing a major league baseball career, despite the New York Yankees' acquisition of Aaron Boone and recent comments from the team concerning Henson's lack of progress.

"I work my butt off here every day, and everyone around me knows that," said Henson, the third baseman for Triple-A Columbus, to the Columbus Dispatch for Sunday's edition. "I couldn't care less about what people think about me."

Henson said that the Yankees' trade for Boone on Thursday "gives me more motivation to keep going," according to the Dispatch. Henson also told the Dispatch that he would be open to the Yankees trading him.

"I want to be somewhere where I'm wanted," he told the paper. "And if that's not here, then that's fine. But I've still got a month left to the season. I'm going to try to finish strong regardless of what my future is with the Yankees."

On Thursday, Yankees GM Brian Cashman said the team's need to trade for Boone "speaks volumes about where Drew is at this point in time." Cashman also said that Henson "hasn't developed to the point where he's in consideration for the major-league side."

Between the lines was the not-so-subtle intimation that the Yankees would not be upset if Henson decided to forgo the final three years and $12 million on his contract to pursue an NFL career. Henson was drafted in the sixth round of the 2003 NFL draft by the Houston Texans, who are looking to trade Henson's rights to a team in need of a young quarterback.

Henson was hitting .228 with 12 home runs and 58 RBI for Columbus through Saturday.