Behold: The 4-pointer

Maybe the greatest basketball quote of all time comes, of course, from Antoine Walker. He was once asked why he shot so many 3s, and he responded "because there are no 4s."

At least, that's how it used to be.

Consider this press release about the Harlem Globetrotters North American tour:

Every Globetrotters game will now feature two designated 4-point shooting spots on each side of midcourt, each located 35 feet from the basket (the spots are 12 feet beyond the NBA’s official 3-point line). The 4-point option is expected to further open up the playing floor for the Globetrotters as well as their opponents, the Generals, and is expected to generate even more high-scoring action and competitive play.

“Bring it,” said Washington Generals President Red Klotz, whose team has not beaten the Globetrotters since January 1971, when Klotz himself sank a game-winning shot in Martin, TN. “Long-range marksmanship is a Generals trademark, and we’ve already installed several new plays to take advantage of the 4-pointer. If anything, this only makes us stronger.”