Important NBA Guy: Steve Jackson

There's no real news here, other than my ongoing mission to close the gap between what fans and NBA Insiders know.

So, here's something you should know: Steven Jackson, who is now the chairman of L.A. Gear, is a big name in Los Angeles basketball. His name comes up a lot, mostly because of the unbelievable gym at his Bel Air house where NBA players, insiders, bigwigs and even the occasional blogger (I have heard) cavort with regularity.

Mike Wells wrote about it last month, when the Pacers held their shootaround there:

The Pacers held their morning shootaround at a house Monday.

The house featured a regulation-size NBA court that was a replica of the Staples Center, a bowling alley, a movie theater, a tennis court and game room.

Rather than deal with the Los Angeles-area traffic, the Pacers held their shootaround at the home of Steven Jackson, the chairman of the apparel company L.A. Gear, in a gated community in Bel Air.

"They said this place was available and the proximity was great," Carlisle said. "The facility was sensational. The Staples Center just wasn't a feasible thing to do."

O'Neal and Al Harrington both worked out at Jackson's home on a regular basis last summer.

"This house is in a different money bracket," O'Neal said. "The stuff he has is incredible."

Dan Raley mentioned Jackson in a pre-draft Brandon Roy story:

Los Angeles has been a steady meeting place because Roy's agent, Arn Tellem, is headquartered there. Teams either put the player through workout paces at a private gym at the Bel Air home of Lakers super fan Steve Jackson or Santa Monica High School, depending on what's available for the agent's agency. Steve Jackson's gym was built as a mini Staples Center, as a shrine to his favorite team, complete with hanging championship banners. On the wall is a piece of the wooden floor from the Forum, the Lakers' former home, and it is signed by Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant and others, and now Roy.

By the way, this guy must LOVE the Staples Center. Check out how prominent it is on the L.A. Gear website.