The Raptors have a special media rule

Levity is often in short supply when it comes to dealing with media relations people from NBA teams, but that is never the case with the Toronto Raptors.

PR director Jim LaBumbard won the Brian McIntyre Award from the Professional Basketball Writers Association a couple years back for his commitment to making things easy instead of difficult for writers and broadcasters covering his team, and he possesses a sense of humor that is refreshing in a profession where the stone-faced outnumber the easygoing by at least a 2-to-1 margin.

LaBumbard has injected a little comedy into the Raptors 2010-11 media guide in the first season of their post-Chris Bosh era.

Under the heading MISCELLANEOUS on Page 3 of the guide, it reads as follows:

"Any media member wishing to 'take my talents to South Beach' will have their credentials confiscated and be escorted from the building."