ESPN Analytics glossary and key metrics

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For explanations of the terms you might find within the realm of ESPN Analytics, as well as the philosophies behind ESPN's proprietary indexes and metrics, visit these pages:

QBR -- How we explain our Adjusted QB ratings

QBR -- How we explain our Raw QB ratings

NFL: Understanding the Football Power Index (2016)

NFL: Pass-rusher and pass-blocker stats (2018)

NFL Expected Points Explained

CFB VIDEO: Explaining QBR (2020)

CFB VIDEO: Explaining FPI (2017)

CFB VIDEO: Explaining Expected Points Added (EPA) (2017)

Understanding the Football Power Index (FPI) for college football (2016)

CFB: Determining FPI-Based Strength of Schedule (2016)

CFB: Best vs. Most deserving (2016)

CFB Resume Metrics

Understanding the NBA Basketball Power Index (BPI)

Understanding the Basketball Power Index (BPI) for college basketball (2016)

NBA Draft College Prospect Projections (2016)