Jayhawks issue a challenge to ESPN analyst

As you may have seen in our lunch links Thursday, Kansas receivers Daymond Patterson and A.J. Steward have a hit on their hands.

The players debuted their offseason Internet show, "Daymond and A.J. take on KU" this week, and first in their crosshairs: a showdown with the women's soccer team.

If you haven't seen it by now, the duo win the shootout via some clutch goaltending from Patterson, but while celebrating the win, Steward accidentally takes out a camera man and ends up with a bloody gash on his forehead. (Pulling his jersey up over his head may have contributed to the clumsy finish.)

The video got so popular that "College Football Live" aired a selection of the best moments of the video, including Steward's hilarious, misguided victory dance.

"You know, with that minor victory, I'd say 'Act like you've been there,' but they were 3-9 last year. What'd you expect?" ESPN analyst Mark May quipped after the video aired.

Steward and Patterson, of course, weren't thrilled with May's admittedly funny jab at the Jayhawks.

"Why don't you take on the men's basketball team or the men's soccer team?" May added.

But the pair was given a chance to respond, and released a follow-up video in a mock news conference on Thursday.

"First of all, Mark, we only have a women's soccer team here at KU. Secondly, if you wouldn't have sat there for over half the show and talked about your school's rivalry game in 2016, you would have known that we're going to take on the men's basketball team next."

Patterson then handed off to his partner in crime, Steward, still sporting leftovers from the nasty cut on his forehead, rather than the band-aid from the video. Steward suggested that the pair take on May in a physical contest, but Patterson interrupted to amend the challenge.

"We'll debate you in any sport, any topic that you wanna do," Patterson said. "We'll change the show just for you from 'D.P. and A.J. take on KU' to 'D.P. and A.J. take on Mark May.' Debate me. We're calling you out, Mark."

Steward stepped in to offset Patterson's sharp words to smooth things over with May's co-host this week.

"Erin Andrews, we appreciate your support and everything. You have nothing to do with this, but Mark? We're coming for you."

That means two things.

1. It's the offseason.

2. It's on.

Tune in today at 3:30 p.m. ET on ESPN2 to see the saga's next chapter.

To quote another known to call out the media: Can't wait!