Kyle Long explains missed assignment

Chicago Bears first-round draft pick Kyle Long likened his on-the-job training in the team's win over Cincinnati on Sunday to what puppies go through when being housebroken.

On Chicago’s third play from scrimmage, Long missed a blocking assignment on a blitz, which allowed Carlos Dunlap to slam through the offensive line to pressure quarterback Jay Cutler. Immediately after the play ended, Long heard an earful from center Roberto Garza.

“Obviously, that came up in film,” Long said Tuesday during the “Carmen & Jurko Show” on ESPN 1000. “We just tried to work through that, which is why Garza was instructing me after the play. He’s very good about that. It’s like when you’re training a puppy, when the dog pees on the ground, you want to make sure you get on him right now and let him know that’s it’s wrong. You say, ‘This is where you pee. This is where you don’t pee.’ That’s kind of what Garza was doing, training extremely large puppies the last few weeks.”

Aside from that miscommunication and a couple more minor instances, the Bears held their own against the Cincinnati Bengals along the offensive line. Cutler came out of the game without suffering any sacks, but he was pressured once and hit on one other occasion.

The quarterback also scrambled three times for 16 yards.

Overall, Long “wasn’t very happy with my performance,” but was encouraged by the “resilience” the team showed in overcoming an 11-point deficit, as well as the club’s final drive, in which the Bears salted away the final 6 minutes, 38 seconds to preserve the come-from-behind victory.

Long also went into detail about how he missed the blitz pickup on Chicago’s third play from scrimmage.

“At the beginning of the game, we got a certain look and I saw the linebacker stacked over the guard bubble, which is over me, and there was a nose tackle and a defensive end,” Long explained. “I’m supposed to look to the middle linebacker to the defensive end, and if the middle linebacker comes up, then I get the middle linebacker. If the defensive end comes, I get the end. I just had my eyes stuck on [Bengals middle linebacker] Rey Maualuga. That’s on me.”