Potential divisions discussed

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. -- Big East football coaches and athletic directors heard a number of proposals for divisional alignment during spring meetings Tuesday.

Three specifically that got some attention -- a north-south alignment; an east-west alignment; and non-geographic alignments that focused on splitting the Florida schools, the Texas schools, and the West coast schools. There was no consensus in the room, but coaches were intrigued with some of the proposals.

"We’re far from coming up with a preferred format at this time," senior associate commissioner Nick Carparelli said. "A couple concepts that emerged -- (coaches) had a strong desire to protect the ability for fans to see as many of the games as possible. They want to make sure they maximize their value for television, and protected and promoted as many rivalries as possible."

"Who was in each of those divisions was irrelevant at this point. We were looking for conceptually which direction they wanted to head. So the next step is to put models together, we’ll probably put dozens of models together about what their home-away rotations might look like under all those scenarios so they can make a further evaluation."

There had been some early talk that Temple would be in a West Division. Coach Steve Addazio said he would have no problem if that scenario ended up being adopted.

"That’s all yet to be determined," he said. "You know what, honestly? It’s a great opportunity for Temple, and however we can fit this thing in for us, we’re thrilled. That’s really how I feel about it. It all works. I can’t wait to play some of these teams."

Carparelli said further analysis would happen between now and Big East media day in Newport, R.I., at the end of July. The league also will reach out to its television consultants to see what gets the most value for a future TV deal.

A decision must be made before the summer ends.

"The best thing we did is we defined our strengths as a conference. Geographically, that’s one of our strengths to be able to go from the Western portion of the United States to the East Coast. So how can we make the conference work within the geographic boundaries we have?" Cincinnati coach Butch Jones said. "We didn't reach conclusions, but we defined a lot of that."