Uniform madness!

For years, Pac-10 fans -- college football fans across our fine land -- have poked fun at Oregon's funky uniforms.

What about tradition? And school colors? The Ducks just cackled -- or quackled -- all the way to the bank, picking up recruits along the way who seemed to actually (for better or worse) include uniform style in their reasoning for picking an institution of higher learning and higher football.

Ah, but times change. So does bandwagon thinking. And, ergo, so do Pac-12 uniforms.

While Arizona State has earned plenty of attention for a savvy marketing campaign in advance of an announcement today at 5 p.m. ET of a uniform change, Washington State also got into the act on Monday night.

Check out the new-look Cougars here. The key change is the addition of a gray helmet option. Here's the official explanation:

Since becoming athletic director in March, 2010, [Bill] Moos has been focused on a consistent look for Cougar Athletics. Upon his hiring, and dating back to his days as a WSU student-athlete and later an associate athletic director, Moos has seen multiple colors, fonts and styles used to brand Washington State and its student-athletes, most notably on team uniforms.

"One of my priorities when I became athletic director was to have a recognizable look across our department and athletic programs," said Moos. "We have what I and many believe to be the best logo in college athletics, yet we have not had the consistent look on our apparel or throughout our facilities that allows instant recognition for that brand.

"From the outset of our discussions with Nike I challenged them to be innovative, unique and to align the look of Cougar Athletics with the premier programs in America," Moos continued. "After seeing the final product, I believe they delivered on all counts."

First off, Washington State does have a cool logo. But I'm guessing some of you might share my feelings on the football "gray-on-dark-gray" look here. My first reaction was to think of this book. Don't think that's what the Cougs were looking for.

ASU is expected to mostly ditch Sparky, emphasize the pitchfork and add lots of black. If so, then we can only conclude the Sun Devils are going dark, focusing on the "devil" and blocking out the sun.

Future call this week to ASU: "Hello, My name is Myrtle from the Society of Sanctimony, calling to complain about the new, evil uniforms."

Don't worry Myrtle, Cal and its new, white hats will ride in to save the day!

Couple of thoughts: First, does this change give the edge to among Arizona State fan blogs to House of Sparky over Pitchfork Nation? (And does Sparky get kicked out of his house?)

Second, will ASU fans now admit the striking resemblance between Sparky and this guy?