The SEC guide to Arkansas' home turf

Our "Home Turf" series continues in the Arkansas Razorbacks' hometown of Fayetteville.

Three fan bases have chimed in, so here's a quick look if you need a refresher:

I've only been to Fayetteville once and I had a blast. Hogs fans came out in full force for this one and here are some suggestions on what to do when you're in town from those who know best:

Russell writes: Since you are coming to Fayetteville, here is a good list of what you need to know!! Fayetteville is THE best College Town. Firs thing you will notice when getting into Fayetteville is Old Main, the oldest building on the Campus that sits on top of "The Hill". Ever notice at the end of the Alma Mater? The whole Student Section points back to towards Old Main as a tribute to the building that started it all.

Eateries, sit back and enjoy these great places!

Pesto Cafe - On the outside it looks like a little hole in the wall restaurant. But inside you can get a little glimpse of what eating in Italy is really like! Best Italian and Chianti wine in the area!!

U.S. Pizza - Located on Dickson St. it is harder to find better pizza in the area. And the atmosphere is the perfect place to enjoy some pool, pizza, beer, sports games, and have some fun!

Also check out Hog Haus. Located on Dickson Street, they have the widest selection of beer and food that is amazing! This is a MUST eat and drink place!! The most famous eatery is "The Catfish Hole". This is a place you MUST go to! There is no getting around it. EVERY Arkansas recruit eats here. Their catfish, chicken strips, hush puppies, french fries, okay, everything is excellent including an ALL Razorback atmosphere!

Sight Seeing

Taking a stroll around the campus is a good idea. If you can get an ambassador to show you around it is great! LOTS of great history about Old Main, the Spoofer's Stone, and much much more! Worth your time! Also, if you like plants and outdoors, check out the Botanical Garden in Fayetteville, it is all outside and has some gorgeous plants!! However, if you are really wanting to see the sights, you have to open it up to the area of Northwest Arkansas. You can't just stick around Fayetteville. In this beautiful state, there are almost too many great things to go see and experience in just one town!

Night Life

Two Words...Dickson Street! Now, you are headed to Fayetteville on Spring Break so Dickson won't be as crawling as usual, but it is a street that leads from Downtown Fayetteville and is a straight shot into Campus. Lots of Bars and clubs to go visit and lots of fun times to be had! Go to "Shots" and get a shot...they are served in an ice shot glass which you must break on the floor after you drink your shot. Great atmosphere!

My thoughts: Detailed and organized. Well done, sir.

Brandon in Minden, La., writes: Calling the Hogs!!! There is nothing like having 75,000 Razorback fans stand together, raise there arms, and Call Those Hogs!!! If your not a Razorback fan you just don't understand what it's all about. I was sitting next to two LSU fans at the Sugar Bowl a couple a years (they bought tickets thinking LSU was going, lol) and we all were Calling the Hogs and they looked at me and said "What in the world are y'all saying?" I laughed and I told them what we were doing. Only In Fayetteville can you say "Woo Pig Sooie" and not get laughed at. I know I live in LSU country.

Chance in Houston writes: Fayetteville is an amazing place. I used to live in Arkansas and my family goes back there every year to see the Hogs play a couple games. Before the game, there's one tailgating spot that beats all others. THE BARN!! It's just a couple of blocks from the stadium and it's full of food, games and hog wild fans!! A lot of space for tailgating (it's mainly for large groups) and inside the actually barn, there are about 10 flat screen TVs showing all the major games going on at that time. Man is it blast. And a free ride to the stadium and back to the barn before during and after the game! Best tailgating spot in town!!

Bryan in Hattiesburg, Miss., writes: Fayetteville is a fantastic game day environment and anyone looking for a good weekend need not stray away from the Dickson Street area. For food you can hit up Hugo's for great burgers and sandwiches, Hog Haus for great food, a good patio overlooking Dickson, and one of their many delicious beers (brewed in house). Perhaps you'd like a steak? Just up the street you can find Doe's Eat Place. And of course game day tailgating never disappoints. From the Pit right outside the stadium to the Gardens on the outskirts of campus, you can be sure to find fans tailgating all day long. For entertainment and night life Dickson offers a wide variety of bars and clubs no matter what you desire. Martini bars, wine bars, English pubs, and of course a big favorite: Brewski's. If you are a beer drinker Brewski's is a must visit place. Offering roughly 70 beers on tap and 40 additional varieties in bottles, Brewski's is a favorite with local crowds and game day visitors alike. If you would prefer something a little more low key, the Walton Arts Center is right across the street and is frequently filled by plays, concerts, musicals, and more! Of course if you ever happen to be lucky enough to be in town for one special weekend in the fall you'll be introduced to one of the largest motorcycle gatherings in the country: Bikes, Blues, and BBQ....but that's a whole other animal.

Michelle in Fayetteville writes: While in town for a game I suggest dinning at Bordino's and ordering the tenderloin with Gorgonzola butter. They have a great selection of wines to enjoy as well. Must have brunch at Ella's and make sure you get the crab cakes egg Benedict, the best!! If you are lucky and your best four-legged friend got to join, take them to the Iams Dog Park, they'll get to play with other dogs and love you for it! Enjoy a hike around Lake Fayetteville or on Mt Sequoyah, both have beautiful scenery. If you are visiting during April-Oct, I recommend the Fayetteville Farmer's market for it's organic fruits and veggies, good music and plenty of people watching.

John in Fayetteville writes: Places to Eat: Momma Deans, Grubs, Herman's, Cafe Rue Orleans, Hog Haus Brewery, AQ Chicken House, Ferrell Lounge, Hugo's, Catfish Hole, Doe's. Places to See: Dickson Street, Crystal Bridges Museum, Devils Den Park, Fayetteville's Farmer Market.

My thoughts: Right to the point: food!

Michael in Fayetteville writes: If you have the time in Fayetteville take a drive down the Pig Trail (Hwy 23) about 20 miles southwest of Fayetteville and return trip up Hwy 71B. Very scenic drive overlooking the Boston Mountains. Hairpin turns make it an enjoyable drive as well as the scenic overlooks.

Amelia in Fayetteville writes: If you're ever in Fayetteville for an Arkansas Razorbacks sporting event, check out Lucky Luke's BBQ. It's a funky little place with AWESOME BBQ, and it's within walking distance from Razorback Stadium. A Fayetteville game day tradition for sure!

Billy Bob in Fayetteville writes: It's a great time to come to Fayetteville in the fall especially when you drive up through the Ozarks to see the leaves changing colors. Before games there's great food all over the place but if you want it narrowed down: Catfish-Catfish Hole, BBQ-Lucky Lukes/Penguin Ed's, and if you just want your typical sports bar, walk to Dickson which connects to campus and there's great food and night life there! So come on up! We'll go party on Dickson after we see your team loose and have a great time.

My thoughts: I was actually wearing my Penguin Ed's T-shirt all day Sunday. Great food.

Andy in Fayetteville writes: If you're going to Fayetteville, you have to try Hammontree's. They are located just off Dickson St, and serve gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and hot dogs. With sandwich names like The Cheebacca, Jack to the Future, and the Parmegeddon, you can't go wrong! It's just the funky kind of college town restaurant that makes Fayetteville such a unique place to visit.

Carey in Nashville, Tenn., writes: Breakfast at Ricks Iron Skillet, a tour of the Fayetteville Farmers Market on the downtown square (Saturday morning), lunch at Whole Hog Cafe and dinner after the game at Hermans Rib House (for steak not the ribs).

Charlie in Fayetteville writes: When it comes to Fayetteville, AR, there's a lot to offer. For finer dining, you can't go wrong with Theo's or East Side Grill of Fayetteville. For some of the best burgers (and atmosphere), it's Hugo's near the town square. And for perhaps the steak of your life, Powerhouse - which leads to the next section: Nightlife. It's all about Dickson Street. Stretching down from Campus to a variety of clubs, bars and eateries - something for everybody. And Dickson isn't just great night-time fun, it's perfect for a breezy fall (or any season) afternoon as well (Hog Haus gets as special nod, as their microbrewery serves nearly a dozen unique brews)! As for other extras, if you're into culture and art, the newly opened Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville (just 20 mi from F'ville) is a must, stocked with amazing works of American artists going all the way back to the time when Arkansas wasn't even its own territory. Back on Dickson there is also the Walton Art Center, where you could enjoy a variety of concert shows as well as Broadway musicals. Then, when all else fails, find you a good mountain, lake, river or trail and just enjoy the Ozark air! But be careful if you visit Devil's Den State Park - be sure not to fall down one of the countless caves scattered throughout!