Draft buzz: Rockets eyeing No. 2 pick?

A number of nuggets from reporting through sources with direct knowledge Wednesday afternoon:

• Minnesota has four trade scenarios on its board for the No. 2 pick. As of midday Wednesday, the Timberwolves now are leaning toward Arizona’s Derrick Williams over Kentucky’s Enes Kanter of Turkey. But the Wolves are actively listening to offers for No. 2. Phoenix and Washington are two teams that aren’t involved, but Houston, which owns pick No. 14, has proposed at least 10 different options for Minnesota's No. 2.

• San Antonio has offered George Hill to at least one team in the late lottery in an attempt to get into the first 14 picks if it can’t move Tony Parker to Sacramento or Toronto for a spot in the top 10. The Spurs obviously can move only one of the two points -- if at all -- and are attempting to include Richard Jefferson in the deal.

• BYU’s Jimmer Fredette, the consensus national player of the year, worked out for only five teams -- Utah, Sacramento, Phoenix, Indiana and New York -- but a sixth is suddenly showing serious interest: the Golden State Warriors. The new Warriors ownership has Fredette on the board, and if its top choices, notably Washington State’s Klay Thompson, are gone, Fredette becomes a viable alternative at No. 11, even with the Warriors already guard-heavy with both Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis in the backcourt.

• Cleveland hasn’t told Duke’s Kyrie Irving that he’s the No. 1 pick, according to Irving. But the Cavs are leaning heavily toward Irving and then possibly going with Jonas Valanciunas at No. 4 if Kanter is off the board.

• Kanter said he wants to play in Washington and said there are Turkish nationals actively lobbying for him to play for the Wizards. He said he loves Washington, D.C., and wants to play with fellow Wildcat John Wall. But he said he knows the Wizards would have to trade up from No. 6 to get him.

• Williams said he would love to play in Minnesota and said he can fit in quite well next to Kevin Love.

• UConn’s Kemba Walker is anxious and said he doesn’t want his agent, Jeff Schwartz, to tell him what he’s hearing from teams. He said he wants to be surprised Thursday night.