Twitter mocks David Stern

David Stern has a tendency to be mocking, derogatory and flippant.

Fizziolo.gy has analyzed how people have been talking about the little guy with the big mouth on Twitter. It turns out they have learned his lessons well.

The research outfit finds Tweeters' preferred tone when discussing Stern is: mockery. Their second favorite tone is "derogatory."

Interestingly, this does not appear to be purely an emotional reaction to the lockout.

While it's true that before the tentative agreement, hardly anyone on Twitter had his back, it was still true even that euphoric Saturday when the tentative deal was announced. That day positive Tweets about the commissioner climbed just three percent, from a measly eight to an almost-as-measly 11.

Lucky for Stern, this is not a democracy, and he's not up for reelection, because those numbers are miserable.

My first reaction to online NBA fans sticking it to Stern is that he had it coming. He does tend to bask in his own power, which is annoying even without his hallmark sharp tongue. People who are close to him often have strong negative reactions, too, just like people on Twitter. Stern's not only a dictator, but a snide one.

But for all his gruffness, he is also incredibly competent and hardworking, and I am convinced he believes he acts in the best interests of the game (including the players and fans) most of the time. He's the guy who had the very tough job of shutting up the hardline owners, you know? That was a mighty task, and evidently, a thankless one.