NBA issues second stat correction this week

Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA issued its second correction of the week Friday, after bettors spotted a stat-keeping omission in Thursday's Minnesota Timberwolves-Golden State Warriors game.

Several bettors posted screenshots on social media of wagers on over 0.5 steals for Edwards against the Warriors and questioned a play early in the first quarter. On the play, Edwards intercepted a pass from Golden State's Stephen Curry, who was being pressured by Karl Anthony-Towns near the sideline. Anthony-Towns was initially credited with the steal. On Friday, the NBA took away a steal from Anthony-Towns and credited it to Edwards.

It's the second time this week the NBA issued a correction after bettors pointed out a stat-keeping error. In Monday's Utah Jazz-Phoenix Suns game, Chris Paul was erroneously credited with an assist. On Tuesday, after bettors voiced frustration on social media, the NBA took the assist away from Paul and credited it to Bridges.

Sportsbooks like BetMGM and DraftKings, official betting partners of the NBA, typically settle bets based on the official box score released the day of the game. If the NBA changes a stat the next day, bets are not impacted.

FanDuel, however, was honoring Friday's correction on the Edwards' steal and paying out wagers based on the change. Bets that included under 0.5 steals for Edwards, initially graded as winners, were not changed, according to a FanDuel spokesperson.