Jets' view from the stanza

Coach Rex Ryan is in the middle of a quarterback dilemma. Should he pick Mark Sanchez, left, former Jags QB David Garrard, or someone else? Getty Images

QB or not QB
That is the question.
Who should the Jets start?
Who should the Jets shun?

Dealt a hand of 5
None of them a king
They have to find one
Can we re-deal this thing?

They cut Tim Tebow
A big deletion
20 mag covers
6 completions

(Tim was just voted
"Most Influential"
Whoever they asked
Must be demential)

They could start Sanchez
But fans would grumble
His most famous play
Is the butt fumble

Rex Ryan's seat is hot
Mark's been killin' him
What hurts worse is
He makes 8 million

They picked brash Geno
Who's a bit of a diva
He says he'll behave
But who's a believa?

Smith doesn't listen
He'd much rather text
Try that in meetings
His phone will get Rexed

What about Dave Garrard?
He stands tall among men
But hasn't thrown a pass
Since 2010

Garrard was a Jag
Who never flew high
Guess J.A.G. means
"Just Another Guy"

Then there's McElroy
The ex-'Bama gun
Has a hot girl, too
Or ... is that the other one?

Matt Simms has good genes
But his hope is slim
Coaches over 40
Rarely play The Sims

If the Jets were a car
They'd need a loaner
Is it possible
To fire the owner?

Not much of a group
But Rex says: "Compete!"
(This will be less fun
than looking at feet)

Let the battle start
though the talent's thin
But wait -- what happens
If nobody wins?