Recruiting pitches: ACC

Inspired by Florida's "#ComePlayWRFortheJoker" campaign, our recruiting writers looked at other ways schools can sell themselves on the trail. Here's a look at recruiting pitches for the ACC:

Boston College Eagles

What they're selling: B.C. has a metropolitan area to sell prospects. There are several top professional sports teams to enhance the college atmosphere.

What they're missing: Other than Matt Ryan, B.C. hasn't had great success and they were only marginally successful when he was there. Also, the professional sports teams in the area limit exposure for B.C.

Clemson Tigers

What they're selling: Clemson sports a beautiful campus in a picturesque area of the country. Head coach Dabo Swinney's public demeanor must appeal to prospects as well.

What they're missing: Other than enjoying college life, there's not a lot to do nearby. Despite high expectations, Clemson still hasn't produced championship results.

Duke Blue Devils

What they're selling: Education, first and foremost. Quarterbacks should also appreciate the chance to be tutored by head coach David Cutcliffe, who has coached Peyton and Eli Manning.

What they're missing: Because of academic requirements, there will always be a ceiling of success at Duke. Also Duke football will always play second fiddle to Duke basketball.

Florida State Seminoles

What they're selling: Florida State has a brand that is known nationally. They also have the ability to win at a high level thanks to nearby talent.

What they're missing: Other than a refurbished stadium, facilities at Florida State aren't great. The Seminoles also have the tough challenge of recruiting against nearby SEC schools.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

What they're selling: Tech prospects often laud Atlanta and its big-city feel. With a campus downtown, there's plenty to do. Sports-wise, there are plenty of professional teams to enjoy.

What they're missing: Exposure is the toughest challenge for Tech. Georgia Tech is overshadowed by local pro teams and nearby Georgia.

Maryland Terrapins

What they're selling: Since Randy Edsall took over as head coach, the Terrapins have had good success wooing local prospects. Under Armour has helped. Following the Oregon model, Maryland has won prospects over with flashy uniforms.

What they're missing: Winning is the biggest knock on Edsall's regime at Maryland. Despite all the hype, he has posted two losing seasons.

Miami Hurricanes

What they're selling: Coral Gables isn't a bad place to live. Miami's educational offerings are a plus too. Miami's greatest advantage is the local talent who grows up rooting for the Canes.

What they're missing: The continued wrangling between Miami and the NCAA about possible improper benefits to players has to scare some prospects. Miami also has struggled recently. They're not the high-flying team that was once so dominant.

North Carolina Tar Heels

What they're selling: Coach Larry Fedora's offense has excited prospects. It seems to sell well to skill-position players. Yet offensive linemen have also been enticed since they can perfect pass-blocking while still being physical.

What they're missing: Fedora will have to prove he can win at a high level to convince nearby prospects to stay close to home. North Carolina basketball will always overshadow North Carolina football.

North Carolina State Wolfpack

What they're selling: The Wolfpack have been selling early playing time to prospects recently. That always resonates with high school players.

What they're missing: The Wolfpack have so much nearby competition that it's tough to see them recruiting at an elite level. North Carolina is the state school. Duke and Wake Forest can offer elite educations. Where does N.C. State fit in?

Pittsburgh Panthers

What they're selling: Pitt has a metropolitan city with several professional team to sell. Coach Paul Chryst also relates to prospects well.

What they're missing: Competition for media coverage in Pittsburgh can be tough.

Syracuse Orange

What they're selling: Syracuse offers prospects from a talent-rich area the opportunity to stay close to home. There's also the Syracuse basketball team that keeps the school on a national sports stage.

What they're missing: Just when it seemed like Syracuse was up and coming, it lost coach Doug Marrone to the Buffalo Bills.

Virginia Cavaliers

What they're selling: Virginia coach Mike London has done an incredible job of relating to prospects. He's tapped into several talent-rich areas in Virginia and nabbed top prospects.

What they're missing: Winning. At some point, London and company will have to prove they can win on Saturdays to continue to nab top prospects in February. If he can do that, watch out.

Virginia Tech Hokies

What they're selling: As always, Tech sells a kind of toughness that appeals to some prospects. It may not be for all but it tends to resonate with some. Tech has built a successful program on that. Coach Frank Beamer's stability helps the Hokies recruit as well.

What they're missing: Tech has slid recently. It once was playing for national championships. That time seems to have passed. Tech needs to land a star player to achieve a higher level.