Gaining value: Jaguars after the draft

Free agency has the potential to change things. But after the draft, here are three Jaguars who are more valuable or more important than they were before:

Russell Allen: With all indications suggesting 2010 starting linebackers Justin Durant and Kirk Morrison won’t be back and with no new linebackers joining the roster through the draft, Allen is in line for a starting spot.

Courtney Greene: Like Allen, Greene may just be holding a starting spot until a free agent is added. But the Jaguars drafted safety, Chris Prosinski, looks to be more of a candidate to oust Don Carey and take over as the free safety. That centerfield spot is the bigger concern of the two, though both safety spots are issues.

Derrick Harvey: I’m not assuring the fourth-year defensive end is even on the roster. But he’s got a better shot at it after the Jaguars didn’t add a pass rusher as expected. He ranks fifth at best among ends right now and should be rooting for an end to the lockout so he can get in front of coaches and show he’s ready to have more of an impact.