Henne to Jags means no space for Tebow

The Jacksonville Jaguars signed a new, better backup quarterback Wednesday.

Chad Henne will do his best to help Blaine Gabbert, and if Gabbert fails under a new coaching staff, Henne will provide an improved fall back plan.

What Henne won’t be is a No. 3.

And what that means is the Jaguars don’t have room for another quarterback, certainly one without the arm strength to match Gabbert and Henne, who both can sling it.

So let’s bookmark this blog entry and circle back to it and link to it each time someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time doing homework concludes that because Tim Tebow is from Jacksonville, because he went to Florida, because he might sell some extra tickets for a while and because the Jaguars new owner once said he would have drafted Tebow back in 2010 that the Jaguars will race to get him should Denver go another direction.

Let. It. Go.

Tebow isn’t going to be part of these Jaguars.