Jack Del Rio considers Ray Lewis top leader he's been around

Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis will be remembered as one of the best leaders in NFL history, and you're not going to get an argument from Oakland Raiders coach Jack Del Rio even though he's spent time with some of the top players in the sport.

As a player, Del Rio was teammates with Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin. As an NFL assistant coach, he has been parts of teams that included Ray Lewis and Peyton Manning.

When asked which one was the best leader, Del Rio told Talk of Fame Sports Network: “They’re all incredibly passionate. They’re all very driven, hard-working guys. [And] they’re all going to be in the Hall of Fame soon. [But] In my mind, Ray was the best."

Del Rio worked side by side with Lewis from 1999 to 2001, when he was the Ravens linebackers coach.

“When Ray spoke in team meetings you could hear a pin drop," Del Rio said. "If there was ever a moment where our team was lagging, not playing hard, not competing hard ... just maybe lacking a little fire ... all you had to do was just mention it to Ray, and he would grab ahold of the whole team and just ignite that team.”