Bell Dozer problems? No problem for OU

You know what they say: If at first you don't succeed...

Oklahoma's Bell Dozer formation -- think Tim Tebow posing as a freshman fullback at Florida -- wasn't so dominant early. Quarterback Blake Bell was stuffed on a third-and-1 and threw an interception in the end zone later.

The Sooners haven't been fazed.

The BellDozer kept churning, and offensive coordinator Josh Heupel's diligence -- it's called stubbornness when it doesn't work -- has paid off.

Bell burrowed in for a pair of scores in the second quarter and helped Oklahoma take a 23-6 lead heading into halftime after trailing 6-3 earlier in the quarter.

That gave Bell eight touchdowns in his last three games. The formation has revitalized Oklahoma's short-yardage offense and been a big headache for defensive coordinators. It doesn't look pretty. It doesn't look complex.

That's because it's simple and ugly.

But it's effective.

Sticking with it was what Oklahoma needed to do. Well done, and Sooners fans can breathe a bit easier heading into the second half.