Technology has simplified the recruiting process

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

Kentucky’s Rich Brooks, whose first college head coaching assignment goes back to the days of bell-bottom jeans, remembers when finding out about a prospect wasn’t so easy.

“You were waiting on a high school coach to send you the film,” Brooks recalls.

So making a decision on whether a quarterback fit your offense or if a safety could bulk up enough to play linebacker in your defense wasn’t as simple as dialing up tape of that player on the Internet.

“Now, there’s tape available of virtually every prospect we’re recruiting,” Brooks said.

It’s immediate, too.

Coaches have files of prospects’ tape on their laptops. They can watch it in their office, watch it while they’re traveling on a plane or while they’re eating lunch.

They can pop it into their computers and compare one player to the next: Who breaks on the ball better? Who separates from the defender better? Who has the best footwork?

Brooks said the enhanced technology has made it easier to make decisions on players and to differentiate who’s on the A list and who’s on the B list.

“There’s usually more information out there than you need,” he said.