The SEC is doomed

ESPN.com analyst Brock Huard finally wrote what everyone -- and I mean everyone -- believes is about to happen in college football: The Pac-12 is poised to overtake the SEC as the nation's dominant conference.

Sorry, SEC. You had a nice run. We have a nice parting gift -- a Hickory Farms summer sausage & cheese gift box -- which you can pick up by the exit. Bye bye.

Writes Huard:

The fundamentals are in place for tremendous growth in the Pac-12, led most importantly by a forward-thinking commissioner unwilling to settle for second. Larry Scott brokered the richest television deal in the history of collegiate athletics for his conference, one that not only ensures tens of millions of dollars annually for all of its members but also allows for the type of visibility and exposure necessary to get into every recruit's living room.

Huard goes on to detail specifics on why each Pac-12 school is going step on the forehead of the SEC on its way to the top. His reasoning you will find is air tight and unassailable. So don't even think about assailing.

Huard also wonders how we might get more SEC-Pac-12 games.

And who knows, if Alabama or Auburn or the Arkansas Razorbacks would ever venture west of the Rocky Mountains and test their excellence on the road and out of their comfort zone (Alabama's nonconference schedule this season featured North Texas, Kent State, Penn State and Georgia Southern), as USC and Oregon have been willing to do over the years, we could see this theory put to the test instead of having it exist as a mere hypothetical.

Huard perhaps forgot all three of those programs have come West once since 2000. Refresh my memory: How did things turn out for our friends from the South?

Huard makes some interesting points about how the Pac-12 is trending up after signing a new $3 billion TV deal.

And I'm sure no one -- not a single person! -- will disagree with his assertions.