Making the case for the SEC grind

DESTIN, Fla. -- With the College Football Playoff coming in 2014, Alabama coach Nick Saban wants to make sure the SEC gets its due regarding strength of schedule within the league.

He said Tuesday prior to the start of the SEC spring meetings that he’s not sure that’s been the case under the old system.

“We talk about trying to create some kind of strength of schedule (formula). That’s difficult to do,” Saban said. “We had six (SEC) teams at the end of the (regular) season last year in the top 10, and other teams are vying to get into the championship game. And then to think that the team that loses our championship game wouldn’t have gotten into the Final Four if we’d had one. I mean, that’s not a strength of schedule consideration at all. It’s taking how many games you lose into consideration.

“If we all played more good opponents, you could lose more games and still have a chance to get recognized as being a good team.”

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