Fulmer not aware of Foster receiving money

Phillip Fulmer said he kept his program NCAA compliant through all of his 17 years at Tennessee. The former Vols head coach released a statement to the Associated Press on Sunday that claimed he wasn't aware of Arian Foster, now with the Houston Texans, ever receiving money during his college career in Knoxville.

"If we knew of a violation, big or small, we reported it," the statement read.

The news release from Fulmer comes on the heels of Foster's claims in an upcoming documentary that he received money during his senior year at Tennessee in 2008, the final season of Fulmer's tenure as Vols head coach.

Foster further explained his comments last week, saying that he money he received never came from a coach.

"Side people always offer you money all the time, just random people usually. `Can I take care of you?' " Foster said Friday. "It happens all the time. When you're at college and your family doesn't make a lot of money, it's hard to make ends meet. … Toward the end of the month, you run out every month. It's a problem all across America. It's just when you play top-tier Division I football, there's people that are willing to help you out. I got helped out."

Tennessee athletic director Dave Hart issued a statement on Friday that the school "can't speak to something that allegedly happened a long time ago."