Rams' post-draft position outlook: QB

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- With the NFL draft and free agency complete, the St. Louis Rams 53-man roster will likely come mostly from the players already on the team.

With organized team activities (OTAs) still more than a week away, we take a look at where each position stands heading into next week. The first in the series begins today by examining the quarterbacks.

Who returns: Sam Bradford, Austin Davis

Who is new: Shaun Hill, Garrett Gilbert

Who is gone: Kellen Clemens

Projected starter: Bradford -- Despite conversations about adding a quarterback early in the draft, the Rams made no such move and Bradford is set to begin his fifth season as the starter. The only possible change to that plan would be an unexpected setback in Bradford's recovery from knee surgery.

Pending competition: Bradford is set as the starter and there's little doubt Hill will handle the No. 2 duties. The only battle here will be for a possible third quarterback job between Gilbert and Davis. Gilbert will likely get every opportunity to win that job but as a sixth-round pick, his spot probably isn't guaranteed. There's also the possibility the Rams won't keep a third quarterback. They've gone into opening day with just two quarterbacks on the roster each of the past two years though they added a third in those years also. It's possible a third quarterback could get his training on the practice squad if neither proves worthy of a roster spot and the Rams want to go heavy on players at a different position.

Outlook: It's no secret this is a big season for Bradford. He's entering his fifth season as a starter and his contract expires after the 2015 season. The Rams were once open to a contract extension for Bradford but it seems they'd prefer to wait to see him come back healthy and producing before committing further. And rightfully so. For his part, Bradford is the one who has eschewed contract discussions in the past, choosing to bet on himself as Joe Flacco once did in Baltimore. One way or another, the 2014 season will go a long way in determining Bradford's future with the team. Hill signed a one-year deal and will be the primary backup but after Bradford, there doesn't appear to be a potential long-term starter on the roster.