Five for Friday

Since we launched HoopIdea on February 8, we’ve received thousands of ideas, from brilliant to bonkers. Each Friday, we’ll publish five we find especially interesting. This week's set incudes HoopIdeas from Twitter (follow us at @HoopIdea!), Jeff Van Gundy and an excerpt from a blog post more than worth your time:

  1. Increase the number of allowed fouls. “I would give an additional foul, at least (before you foul out). I just don’t understand, we want don’t want our better players to play more? I don’t understand, no other sport has that.” -- Jeff Van Gundy.

  2. Change delay of game rule after made baskets. “NBA's gotta change the rule on players grabbing ball after a made basket and throwing to ref. Stops several fastbreaks.” -- @BrandonBombay, via Twitter.

  3. Techs for floppers. “Make a 'flop' like the defensive three-second rule. One warning, then a technical free throw. After the same player gets three, it becomes a personal foul and is played like a personal foul. Just like defensive three-seconds detracts from the game, so does flopping. Something must be done to stem the tide of this soccer infestation.”-- Joseph Boemer

  4. Get rid of charges on passes. NBA, please, please, please get rid of the pass-away charge. The ball is gone. You're rewarding flopping and sloppy defense. Please stop. -- Rob Peterson (@ShotDrJr) via Twitter.

  5. Encourage shots at the end of quarters. “Players are more interested in protecting their field goal percentage than adding three points to the scoreboard. Since field goal percentage and 3-point percentage come into play in contract negotiations, one could argue that players are making a smart business decision when they refuse to toss a low percentage shot at the rim ... I believe the NBA should just change the way these plays are scored. The league shouldn’t penalize players for shooting beyond half court right before the buzzer. NBA box scores could have a line at the bottom that counts 'team shots.' This would take away a few made three-point shots from players every year, but it would also take away many misses that negatively impact their field goal percentage." -- Matt Scribbins on Magic Basketball.


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