Chargers practice notes

SAN DIEGO – As expected, the team worked on the Wildcat some Friday. The Chargers will likely use it from time to time now that they have Ronnie Brown, the running back whom Miami used effectively in the formation, on the roster. San Diego coach Norv Turner said the team could use the formation three or four times a game depending on the opponent.

  • The Chargers hosted some replacement referees supplied by the league Friday, and are to work with replacements Saturday during their practice at Qualcomm Stadium. The regular officials are locked out due to a contract dispute with the league. Turner said the league has a “great plan” for the situation and believes everything will work out fine. What else is the guy supposed to say?

  • Linebacker Antwan Barnes got banged up, but he ended up being fine.

  • The San Diego receivers had a pretty nice day Friday as they showed their depth.