FaxGate fallout: Elvis Dumervil fires agent

And the Elvis Dumervil Great Fax Machine Debacle moves on.

Shortly after agent Marty Magid told multiple news outlets Saturday that he was getting interest for Dumervil, news broke that Dumervil had fired Magid.

It is not surprising news. Ultimately, it was Magid’s responsibility to ensure the Denver Broncos received Dumervil's reworked contract before the NFL deadline Friday. It did not happen, and Denver was forced to release Dumervil. Magid's firing is a clear sign whom Dumervil blames for the problem.

Magid reportedly said he will waive his right as a fired agent to have Dumervil wait five days to hire a new agent. Thus, Dumervil’s new agent can start working on getting him a new deal as soon as he hires one. Earlier Saturday, Magid said some teams were interested in visiting with Dumervil after the NFL owners’ meetings end in Arizona on Wednesday. The market could dry up.

Perhaps Magid's firing will help soothe the relationship between the Broncos and Dumervil. The Broncos are peeved at the situation, but I got the sense they were much more upset with Magid than with Dumervil.

If Denver doesn’t quickly sign a pass-rusher such as Dwight Freeney or John Abraham, that may be a sign the team is willing to wait for Dumervil.

And the saga continues. Imagine this all started with a late fax. The deal was done. You can’t make this stuff up.