Answering the 2021 NFL draft's biggest questions: Experts debate favorite picks, top rookie classes, QBs, more

Garoppolo ready to do whatever he can to help Lance (1:39)

Jimmy Garoppolo reflects on his experience of learning from Tom Brady and on now being in the opposite position with rookie QB Trey Lance. (1:39)

You've read our 2021 NFL draft grades, along with the best picks for all 32 teams, biggest Day 3 steals and the lingering questions that every team has headed into the offseason. Now it's time for our panel of NFL experts to weigh in on what they liked and didn't like about all seven rounds of the draft.

With five quarterbacks off the board in the top 15 picks, a record 65 SEC prospects drafted and a few big trades, there was all sorts of intrigue around the 2021 class. There were a few immediate starters taken on the first two days, along with a few prospects who will need more time to develop before they see the field.

We asked our panel to evaluate the new crop of rookies, answering questions about the quarterbacks, their favorite picks, which team's rookie class could make the biggest impact and more. Check back every day this week to see more questions and answers:

The topics our panel has hit so far (click the links to see the answers):

How many rookie QBs will be starting by midseason?

Matt Bowen, NFL analyst: Five. With the anticipation that Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Justin Fields and Mac Jones see early playing time, the question here is who is that fifth starter? And given the uncertainty of the quarterback position in Houston, I believe Davis Mills gets an opportunity before midseason.