Projecting a Rams practice squad

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- While attempting to predict a St. Louis Rams 10-player practice squad should be easier than projecting a 53-man roster based solely on the difference in numbers, it's actually far more difficult because the players can come from a pool well beyond just those recently released by the team.

But we're going to give it a shot anyway using coach Jeff Fisher's comments about it as a way of instructing how the Rams will go about the process. It's important to note what Fisher had to say about the need for bodies at positions where the 53-man roster is light.

"We may have to go heavy in the other positions," Fisher said. "If you're familiar with our roster right now, we’ve got five linebackers, for example, we need linebackers on the practice squad.”

Fisher also mentioned the injuries in the secondary and offensive line. They are also only carrying five receivers and two quarterbacks at the moment.

Here's a guess on the Rams' practice squad, which assumes all players mentioned clear waivers:


Garrett Gilbert

Running back


Tight end

None (for now)

Wide receiver

Austin Franklin

Emory Blake

Offensive line

Travis Bond

Brandon Washington

Defensive line



Lawrence Wilson

Phillip Steward


Greg Reid

Darren Woodard


Christian Bryant