Draft, QB options for the Rams

A potential Rams-Bucs trade involving the No. 1 overall choice in the 2010 draft could make sense for St. Louis, a team that could use additional picks and a quarterback.

Separating substance from smoke can be impossible this time of year as teams try to mask their intentions and build trade markets. But these possibilities are worth analyzing.

The Rams had more needs than draft choices a year ago. That remains the case in 2010. The more picks they can amass, the better off they could be, unless picking first overall puts them in position to select a player dramatically more valuable than the one St. Louis might find a bit later.

Either way, the Rams probably need to sign a veteran quarterback. Marc Bulger's salary jumps to $8.5 million and his time in St. Louis appears about finished.

Acquiring Michael Vick from the Eagles via trade could be one option. Recent reports have suggested the Eagles might hold onto Vick until the exhibition season because this could maximize his value. I think Vick would be much more valuable to the Rams if they could get him into their offseason program as soon as possible.

Chad Pennington could be another attractive option. He's scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent. The Rams' quarterbacks coach, Dick Curl, spent a few seasons with Pennington when both were with the Jets. I'm not sure how many other teams will pursue Pennington this offseason, but the Rams might be able to offer him something he could have a harder time finding elsewhere: a starting job.