Wilson, Luck vs. same eight opponents

2012 Luck-Wilson vs. 8 Common Opp.

Two weeks ago, we provided upon request a look at how Seattle's Russell Wilson and Indianapolis' Andrew Luck fared against seven common opponents.

The two impressive rookies have faced eight common opponents now that Seattle has also played the Buffalo Bills. The Seahawks and Colts have no additional common opponents during the regular season, which means we can now compare their season-long numbers against common opponents.

The chart shows Wilson with significant advantages in NFL passer rating (114.4 to 74.6) and Total QBR (84.8 to 68.1) against Chicago, Minnesota, Green Bay, the New York Jets, Miami, New England, Buffalo and Detroit. He has a 17-1 ratio of touchdown passes to interceptions in those games, compared to 14-13 for Luck. The ratio of total touchdowns to total turnovers is 20-3 for Wilson and 14-16 for Luck.

The stats also make clear how much more the Colts are asking from their quarterback. Luck averaged an additional 18.9 pass attempts per game. Players can only do what their teams ask them to do, of course. At a certain point, production is what matters most. These numbers can hopefully provide another dimension to discussions on the top rookie quarterbacks in the NFL this season.