Randy Moss' quick postgame comments

MIAMI -- Randy Moss said more than once in the Titans' locker room after Tennessee’s 29-17 loss to the Dolphins that he wouldn’t talk about it.

Ultimately, he relented.

Since it ran a little over one minute, here’s what he said in its entirety after a four-target, one-catch-for-16-yards game:

How much would he have liked to have seen more balls thrown his way?

“My debut, man, it was actually a bad game for me. I think I just tried to be as much help to them as I could, just try to play within the offense. So I felt comfortable out there, but I don’t think that I had a very good overall game. I think that my blocking really wasn’t that good, where I wanted it to be. So I’ll just go back at the drawing board and come back again next week.”

Would you like to see more chances as your time here goes on?

“No, I just want to fit within the offense, man, and help this team win. So me being a decoy, moving the ball, helping the team win, if that’s what I need to do that’s what I’m going to do. So we’re just going in, I don’t think we were really planning on losing this game. This game hurts. It’s hard to see how much energy and effort we put in this week, including the coaches. This is something that we’ve just got to look at film tomorrow, correct our mistakes and go back at it next week.”