LSU is the SEC's most valuable program

Which of the SEC's football programs is the most valuable in terms of dollars and cents?

According to a Forbes Magazine survey, it's LSU.

Nationally, LSU is the fourth most valuable college football program with a current value of $96 million, including $47 million in football profit. The Tigers generated $8.5 million in local spending for each of their seven home games, according to Forbes.

Texas topped Forbes' list nationally with a value of $129 million.

The system Forbes used in determining the value of programs consisted of each team's 1. value to its university(football profit used for academic purposes, including football scholarships), 2. value to its athletic department (net profit generated by the football team that is kept by the athletic department), 3. value to its conference (distribution of bow game payout) and 4. value to the surrounding community (estimated spending by visitors on days of home games).

The SEC had five of the top 10 most valuable programs.

Alabama was No. 6 with a value of $93 million. The Crimson Tide's football revenue of $77 million was the second highest on Forbes' list.

Georgia was No. 7 with a value of $90 million. Arkansas was No. 8 with a value of $89 million. The Razorbacks experienced a 59 percent growth in value since 2009, which was the highest of any team.

Auburn was the fifth SEC team to crack the top 10 at No. 9 with a value of $88 million.

Other SEC teams to make the top 20 included Florida at No. 11. The Gators had a slight drop in value from 2009, but still checked in at $86 million. Their merchandise was the third-highest selling behind Texas and Alabama.

Tennessee was No. 12 with a value of $82 million, and South Carolina was No. 16 with a value of $64 million. The Gamecocks dropped 20 percent in value from 2009, and the Forbes survey cited decreased ticket sales as the chief reason why.

One of the two newest SEC members, Texas A&M, was No. 17 on the list with a value of $63 million.