Scanning Kiper's draft grades

In my mind, next-day draft grades are like mock drafts: They’re fun discussion starters and nothing more. What seems like a good idea now might not work out as well as anticipated, and vice versa.

With that disclaimer, I dutifully pass along Mel Kiper’s 2010 draft grades for the NFC North. (You’ll need an Insider subscription to view the entire list, as well as to access Mel’s full analysis.)

Chicago Bears

Kiper’s grade: B

Seifert comment: Expectations were low given the lack of a first- or second-round pick. The Bears got one player who should help them right away in safety Major Wright. Anything beyond that would be gravy.

Detroit Lions

Kiper’s grade: B+

Seifert comment: Kiper likes the potential for immediate impact, and I see two instant starters in defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and tailback Jahvid Best. Cornerback Amari Spievey has a chance as well. That would add up to a pretty decent haul.

Green Bay Packers

Kiper’s grade: B-

Seifert comment: Kiper isn’t a fan of defensive lineman Mike Neal or safety Morgan Burnett. I won’t pretend to know how good either player will be, but I do believe they were taken at appropriate points relative to the Packers’ needs.

Minnesota Vikings

Kiper’s grade: C-

Seifert comment: A smackdown from Mel! You can’t argue Toby Gerhart over Jahvid Best, but Gerhart and defensive end Everson Griffen might be a better total value than Best alone. Cornerback Chris Cook doesn’t have to play right away. My biggest beef was no swings at a quarterback.