Culpepper aligns with Cornwell

Over the past few years, I’ve expressed an opinion or two about Daunte Culpepper's decision to serve as his own agent. Operating without the buffer of a third party with professional expertise hasn’t always served his career well.


CulpepperSo as he prepares to hit the free-agent market this spring, it’s notable that Culpepper has hired attorney David Cornwell as an adviser for the process. Culpepper said recently that he will continue to negotiate his own contracts, but that Cornwell will give him a set of “ears, eyes and a voice if necessary” to help market his services.

This is an important step in the right direction for Culpepper, who could return to Detroit but would like to explore other possibilities first. The eventual terms of his next contract won’t be as challenging as the task of getting his name into circulation with the front offices of other teams. Cornwell has long served as a legal resource for NFL players and agents and has the credibility to steer teams in Culpepper’s direction.